“Join others who hired a financial steward, a person of High Responsibility and High Integrity, to achieve their financial goals and highest values.”

About Swords Wealth Management, LLC

The practice behind Swords Wealth Management, LLC has been focused on responsible client stewardship through wise wealth management since 1987.  We are true financial stewards handling high trust and making smart choices on behalf of our clients.  Our goal is always to make wise choices that reflect the vision of clients of high values.

We understand the complex financial needs of our clients and their families. Our strategic wealth management is customized for those needs.

Our mission is to be the last financial advisor you will ever need by helping you accomplish your financial goals while achieving those core values most important to your enduring peace of mind.

My name is Steve Swords.  My wife and I wanted to release all responsibility for our personal wealth management.  We wanted complete financial freedom.  If you are a person of wealth, you should too. FYI: we are persons of wealth if we have accumulated enough resources that to lose 20% of them would be a significant event in our financial life.

The smart money has known for a long time that the cost of responsible wealth management is minimal compared to the emotional value and time freedom.

Unfortunately, complete financial freedom with its financial peace of mind is available only on the other side of a large and deep chasm. And the bridge across this chasm is not an easy one to take.

I developed what I think is the perfect practice to operate as a financial freedom facilitator.  It operates as “stewards” on behalf of our clients.  In case you're wondering, a “steward” is just a manager. But not any ordinary manager.

I ran the practice this way for over 30 years. Then I turned it over to another true financial steward to operate.  Now, since I'm semi-retired, I have delegated the responsibility for my personal wealth management to my protégé, Ben Dean, CFP®.   I went from coaching a fellow advisor in the unique aspects of the stewardship for our clients, to an owner who crossed the bridge to complete financial freedom. You too can get there.

The Bible refers to an owner who did something very similar to what I did.  That owner put a faithful steward “in charge of all his possessions” (Luke 12:42-44NASB).  Someone might ask, “Who in their right mind would do such a thing?  Entrust all his possessions to another?”

Well, that's exactly what I did.  And most of us would readily admit that the financial world is so chaotic that no one can have complete freedom from the responsibilities of wealth without doing exactly as this owner in the bible story and I did.

Why is the chasm between wealth responsibilities and releasing those responsibilities so great?  What issues make putting a delegate “in charge” so we can enjoy financial freedom so difficult?  Why is it that more people don't experience complete freedom from wealth management concerns?

People of wealth need a steward's assurance.

My radical conversion led to the leadership of Christ. This led to my conviction that as I serve clients, I am doing so “in the name of the Lord”.  I had sensed that God wanted me to become a household servant, a steward, for people of wealth so that I could truly help them enjoy complete freedom.

True financial stewards like the practice I developed exist to offer the steward's assurance to people of wealth like my wife and me.  This is not a guarantee of investment performance, but it is a guarantee of knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and accountable effort customized for us, the owners.  Simply put, the steward's assurance is a guarantee to BE THERE and use the expert generalist authority for the owner.  What I call the steward's authority.

The practice's story is my story. And my story is the practice's story.  Swords Wealth Management, LLC promises world-class service and great care for client's assets. This is the steward's assurance.  It involves devotion as well as knowledge, skill, and experience displayed on behalf of their clients.

The steward's assurance can help the owner step away from the dangerous “cliffs” and the chasm of chaos around their financial peace of mind and toward the bridge. The new destiny is precious and valuable: complete financial freedom for the owner.